Sabia Consulting

The expected clients of Sabia Consulting are Universities, public or private research labs, SMEs, technological clusters, local or regional authorities, which intend to join (or to reinforce their presence in) the European R&D landscape. Its major sector of activities concerns Information and Communication Technologies.

Sabia Consulting is a small company which intends to setup projects in close collaboration with its customers. One of the specificities of Sabia Consulting will be the provision of a "on-demand" service based on a long lasting experience of its founders in ICT Research and Technology Transfer. Emphasis will be placed on visionary research actions and also on services allowing high tech SMEs to join European programmes.

Sabia Consulting offer

Consulting and coaching

Our major goal is to help our partners to improve significantly their presence in the European landscape. Our target activities include (may be not limited to) :

  • Accompany our clients in evaluating and (possibly) rethinking their European involvement and help them in defining solutions to become more efficient in the european setting.
  • Scientific coaching for research oriented actions (e.g Future and Emerging Technologies) or European Research Council (ERC) proposals.
  • Advice and coaching in the preparation of an European propoal. This advice will concern essentially scientific, technical or transfer-oriented aspects.

Information and training

  • Information which can be personalized (object, format, ...) depending of the client wishes, or general purpose (available online).
  • Targeted and personalized seminars. Their content will be determined in close collaboration with the client. These seminars will not be "seminars as usual" but intend to convey the experience of Sabia Consulting founders.

"On demand" scientific or technical advice

Some references

  • In France : Inria, IRT Jules Verne, Bretagne Developpement Innovation, Ecole Normale Supérieure, IRCAM, Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris
  • In Europe : EIT ICT Labs (Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium), IMDEA (Spain), SIMULA (Norway)