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Effective participation to Research, Development and Innovation programmes promoted and funded by the European Commission should be a strong objective for academic organisations, public or private research labs and enterprises. Therefore, keeping an eye on emerging and most promising technologies is a must, as well as a good knowledge of european vision and  priorities. This is even more essential with the advent of the new framework programme, Horizon 2020, which departs from previous framework programmes, in particular on Innovation and Business and also on impact of research and Innovation for Society. ERC is still a strong priority in Horizon 2020.

Sabia Consulting may help you preparing your involvement in Horizon 2020!!! Let us have a discussion and see how we could work together ...


Courses proposed by Sabia Consulting are carried out on the client site. After a discussion between Sabia and the potential client, the main lines of the course are decided together and appropriate presentations are  produced by Sabia Consulting. As usual, Sabia Consulting favours personalization and on-demand training.

Among the topics which may be developed, let us mention : 

  • European policy and tools for Research and Innovation.
  • What are the current european R&D programmes?
  • What are the opportunities for SMEs? How to find a place in this rather complicated landscape?
  • I have a great idea, I want to propose it to ERC, How do I proceed?
  • Horizon 2020... how to be ready in 2014/2015 and beyond?
  • etc, etc, on demand.


  • Sabia Consulting Web site contains a public item "news" summarizing important informations on topics related to Europe.
  • More specific (and private) information may be elaborated for clients of Sabia Consulting.
  • A personalized information system may be developed via a specific contractual agreement.